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Unlock Your Potential

Learn the 7 Steps to Unlock your Potential and Make It Happen
Unlock Your Potential

Learn the 7 Steps to Unlock your Potential and Make It Happen
Unlock Your Potential
Will Polston
Unlock Your Potential
Will Polston
Why Should I Attend 'Unlock Your Potential'?
You know you are capable of more.

You know there is something more you should be doing but it's not happening for you.

The truth is you feel like you can't speak to your family or friends, they just won't understand or be able to help! You feel like there is this big cloud of self doubt that follows you no matter where you go. It doesn't matter what you do, you still can't find the answers!f

The vast majority of people who know they have more to give, don't - all because they haven't got a simple system to enable them to achieve what it is they really want in life.

Or people give it a punt, only to end up being told 'I told you so' because they feel they have failed.

So if you want to:
Create your vision – Identify your purpose and your ‘WHY’ in life
Improve on yesterday – Tools and techniques so you can deal with the tough times
Close the gap – Setting goals AND how to achieve them  
Eliminate fear – Identify and overcome what’s holding you back
Identify assumptions – Realising what your assumptions about life are
Testing assumptions – Test your assumptions to find solutions to enable you to grow
Learn the recipe – Effectively speed up the process from where you are now to where you want to be

...then you can't afford not to attend this event.  
Unlock Your Potential
Will Polston
By the end of the day...
You would have identified your purpose and gained clarity on your vision
Learn how to effectively use gratitude to change any circumstance in your life no matter how bad it might be
You will know how to effectively get out of your comfort zone and overcome fears
Learn a goal setting formula that you can apply to any goal you have in life
Identify the things that are holding you back from moving you forward and ways to approach them 

See What Our Attendees Have to Say...

"Will's course was excellent and it has changed my behaviour instantly. By understanding the deeper reasons why we have goals, and creating a process to achieve them and avoid stumbling blocks, I have managed to create and implement a great plan for the New Year. I can feel it working already!" 

Chris Branch - Owner of Forte Physical Health

"The Make It Happen course changed my life entirely. Will is a fantastic speaker and really knows how to get the most out of you, so that you can get the most out of yourself. My outlook towards everything is much more positive and productive all thanks to the course. I have and will continue to recommend it to absolutely everyone. I cannot think of one person that wouldn't benefit from a Make It Happen course." 

Mike Brummitt

Frequently Asked Questions
What dates can I attend 'Unlock Your Potential' ?

We hold a number of 'Unlock Your Potential' events throughout the year. You can see which dates are currently available by clicking here

When and Where are the Events held?

The timings are 9.00am until 5:30pm on the day of the event and events are held at the County Hotel in Chelmsford.

Click here to get the full event details and upcoming days.

What makes Will Polston a peak performance expert ?

Since 2009 Will has helped hundreds of people develop their mindset to become the best version of themselves.

He's renowned for his high energy, cheeky Essex boyness (yes thats a word) and ability get people to get really clear on what it is they want in life and take action to achieve it. He probably can empower anyone to achieve anything. 

As well as dramatically changing the lives of those he's worked with, Will has a number of academic qualifications in this area too including:

  • Associate of International Coaching Federation (The worlds only globably recognised coaching body)
  • A Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified Master Coach

Safe to say, he knows what he's talking about.

Does this Event come with a Guarantee?

Register your place today and attend Unlock Your Potential. Absorb every bit of information Will has to offer. You will already be taking action before you have even left for the day.

And if by the end of the day you don’t think it was worth every penny you paid – and more – just let us know and we’ll refund your investment in full – no questions asked.